Faith, Hope and Love Ministries Blog was born on July 21, 2015

John, a believer and follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Called to do His will and share His Gospel for the glory of Him.  Grace and peace to you from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I grew up in the church, went to Philadelphia College of Bible, and served in the church.  Like Jonah, I spent time running away from what God had called me to do.  God has reminded me that He has a purpose for me to fulfill, and I am trying to live it daily.  I do not always know the details but I follow where he leads me.  It is this that brings me to start this blog.

I had previously started a previous blog because I started re-reading the book of Romans as I started to re-read all of Paul’s letters.  When I got to chapter 8, God told me to restart this book and write down what I am learning and share it.  So that is what I am doing.  So as I study the bible, I will share what God is teaching me.  I plan on going through the New Testament starting with Romans because that is where I was.  I will try to dig deep in my studies, so I might not post daily or even weekly.

Even though I started this one – I brought some important post from my last one because I still believe in doing that, it just means God has been directing my path here and I don’t want two blogs, just one.  The Bible study still fits what God wants me to do and some other post fit also, so I brought them.

Enough with the previous and unto the purpose of this blog.  Faith, Hope and Love Ministries is not a physical building or organization.   So this name attached to anything but my Facebook and Twitter accounts has nothing to do with this.  God has called me into ministry.  And after being like Jonah and running away from his calling, I finally am back.  How do I know that God has called me to ministry?  Read why here.  There are some things that God really have placed as a burden on my heart.  Faith, Hope and Love.

There are two major purposes for this ministry when it comes to faith.  First to present the gospel to allow people to have faith, and to give them a foundation on which to grow there faith.  To have faith, you don’t need knowledge but to strengthen your faith and make it solid you do.

For the Hope part of this ministry – we want to continually re-emphasize that our only hope comes from Jesus Christ and that he died for our sin and is coming back for us. And we want to encourage each other in everything we do.

For the Love part of this ministry – we want to do everything in love.  No matter how much we disagree with how some may choose to live their lives, God loves them and we are called to love them.  I was taught as a kid – love the person, disapprove of the sin.  Jesus came for the sinner.  And the bible states “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).  So if you think you are better than someone else than you might need a reality check.  Another important part of the ministry of love is that even though we have divided ourselves from each other by different denomination or religions, If we hold true that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ by accepting Him as our Lord and Savior – Then we need to treat each other in love despite our differences in doctrine.  We need to come together in His name and fellowship and worship with each other celebrating our differences instead of using them as weapons.  click here to read more (another post soon to come).

I would like it to be interactive, so please any comments or questions would be welcomed.  I will delete any comment that isn’t edifying each other or glorifying to God.  I really look forward to worshiping God with you.

I thank you for visiting this blog and look forward to worshiping God with you in spirit and in truth.